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Have You Ever Picked the Wrong Dog Breed?

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Have you ever picked the wrong dog breed?

I love my new lab puppy, but I think it’s only natural that people get some “what did you do?” Moments when they get a new pet.

For example, when I got my Weimaraner puppy 5 years ago, I was shocked at his energy even though I did my research.

Turns out, nothing can prepare you for a lye unless you’ve had one before. I even wrote an article, “When You Regret Getting a Puppy.”

Have you ever picked the wrong dog breed

Remy was in contrast to my simple lab mix at the time. Ace was an “old spirit” even when he was a young dog.

Today’s Weim puppy is 5 years old and still more active than most 2-year-old dogs.

And while Remy’s energy can still be overwhelming at times, he’s my perfect ultramarathon partner and canicross dog. I’m proud that he can run 18 miles on the tracks one day and be ready to go again the next.

He is a rather quick agile dog and his goofy personality makes everyone smile.

It is “perfect” in its own way.

Remy Weimaraner

Then I look at my sweet Lab puppy and think, Did I pick the wrong dog breed?

Is this dog too “quiet” for me?

will rip Start Being interested in running?

Will he even try to do agility?

Because it feels like more than just a potato. Perhaps the “weekend warrior” who takes a fun walk on Sunday. (And no, I’m not trying to run with a puppy yet, so the only one who would freak out.)

Have you ever picked the wrong dog breed
Puppy, Rip!

I did a lot of research when I chose a field lab. I went back and forth between another pointing breed like the vizsla or going with a less “intensive” athletic breed.

I chose a lab that I thought would be mathematical, but not “from the charts”.

I wanted a lab that could run at least 5 miles, maybe 10 sometimes, I told our breeders. She said no problem. All of our dogs are very athletic.

She helped me select a specific puppy from specific parents who were particularly athletic with impressive athletic achievements. “Fire-breathing dragons,” she called this garbage, compared to some of its “quiet” labs.

I’m not saying I picked the wrong dog breed. Little Rip is still a baby. I named it after my favourite calm and loyal Yellowstone Letter.

But man, I’m used to strangers, and this little lab takes “relaxation” to a new level.

I remind myself how my Weimaraner energy puts pressure on me. I like a lot.

Remy and Yodel are spinning in the car on the way to the lanes, which is really annoying.

It is also uncontrollable when someone comes to the door. He always pulls the leash. Never pull.

Remy Weimaraner

In agility practices and experiments, if there is a file light wind He is afraid and becomes unable to work.

its just Embed Often times, high tension.

We love it, but man, it can be “too much.”

Puppy Reap is not like that.

Rip sleeps in the car. every-time.

He sleeps on the way to the daily nursery for dogs. He sleeps on his way home. He sleeps on his way to class the puppies and on every assignment.

He greets people happily and then withdraws as soon as he is satisfied.

He watches the world and thinks things through.

He eats his food slowly and carefully.

He should sit down and think about whether he wants more treats or not.

If you put his dry food in a Kong, he’ll bump into him a bit. Anything beyond that is just a lot of work.

While walking, he is not afraid of anything, but stops and looks at me, like, What is the point of this? Maybe we can go back?

Have you ever picked the wrong dog breed?
rest in peace

He’s especially excited if you hold him. licks my face to say, “Oh, you’re only the best!”

But… still a puppy, 3.5 months old at the time of writing. He gets his regular puppy “witching hours” once in the morning and once in the evening where he cries like a psychopath, biting the air.

Moreover, I am still waiting for the emergence of “teenage energy”.

Maybe Remy and I need a little more “calm” in our lives and that’s why Rip is here.

One of my favorite writers about dogs, John Katz, wrote that we don’t always get the dogs we “want,” we get the dogs that need to.

When I was 23, I adopted the best dog ever for me – a relaxed Lab mix that happily slept all day while I worked 10-hour shifts.

However, he was running alongside me at an average speed of 10 minutes per mile. Too slow for some dogs; The perfect rhythm for Ace.

Ice mix tester

Ace was an easy dog ​​to train and seemed to do anything for me. He was always trying to avoid conflict, always trying to do the “right” thing.

It changed the course of my life, helped me start my own dog walking business, ran thousands of miles alongside me and led me to start this very blog.

Ace was a good, old boy. Best.

Then Remy came.

Remy forced me to up my training game and work even harder because it’s not an easy task.

Hyper Flight tablets for dogs

He will pinch if he doesn’t agree or if you put pressure on him too much. He will ignore me when he wants, which is a frequent occurrence. So I have to make a real effort to be a cheerful, ‘team leader’.

He’s competitive like me, and I think we push each other in a good way.

Life with Remy is modest, and I probably needed that.

I went from owning the most obedient dog of the group to owning a dog that behaves in a “questionable” way. Remy is not a bad dog, he is more “challenging”.

Remy loves me very much, not so much as he loves himself.

It’s not personal. That’s just Remy!

And now…here it is, Rip.

Yellow Lab Puppy, Rip!

Time will tell who he becomes and how our relationship develops.

I can tell he looks a lot like Ace – calm, gentle and thoughtful. Cute boy!

I never believed I would be so lucky to own another dog even half as perfect as Ace.


But Reap appears to be completely “bomb-proof”. Maybe more.

He really is the type of dog that I can take anywhere and I’m sure he “would be.” Good yard dog. Yes, fall asleep! A dog relaxing on a boat and appreciating the smell of the breeze. A dog I can leave with a friend and not worry that it will be a anxious wreck.

The kind of dog that makes me look like I know what I’m doing.

Maybe that’s what I need now.

Remy and I will continue to collect our agility and crossing titles and race medals.

He could rip along if he wanted.

A slower agility dog ​​might be cute, not to mention a dog that actually trots at my steady pace instead pulls ass All time.

Have you ever picked the wrong dog breed?

After Remy and I crashed up and down the trails, we can guarantee our little friend will be ready to curl up and relax on a Saturday afternoon.

This is what dogs do.

Every dog ​​really knows to appreciate the moment. Therefore, I will learn a lesson from these dogs that I am fortunate to own and that I will also do.

Their life is very short.

Every day with a special dog. So we will make the most of our time.

Have you ever wondered if you picked the wrong dog breed?

I don’t really think I picked the wrong breed, but I do think it’s only natural sometimes to question our choice of dogs. I’ve seriously questioned myself twice now!

And of course, sometimes if you adopt a shelter dog, you really have no idea what you’re going to get.

Let me know your experience in the comments.


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