About me

Frankie lives in Mid Wales with her ten year old miniature version.  She is trying to figure out if she has invisibility superpowers or that she is just generally ignored.By day, Frankie is a psychology teacher and owns a coffee shop/tapas bar with her lovely sister.  She is passionate about mental health and believes we should all be able to live in a world free from stigma and judgement.  She is highly anxious but has spent the last few years on her ‘pursuit of happiness’, which involves pushing herself way out of her comfort zone.She started writing during her Masters when her professor encouraged her to start writing a blog, which she found to be therapeutic and healing.  She now dreams about becoming a ‘real writer’, so she can spend her days at home with her dogs living in an imaginary world with her fictional characters- well at least until it’s 3.30pm and her daughter turns the house into a whirlwind again. In the holidays, Frankie, Mini-me, and her doggies like to go travelling to the edge of the world in her 1983 bright orange Volkswagen Camper called Reggie, if you see them give them a wave.