The Neuroscience of story

Your message can have a greater impact through an effectively told story. They can ignite ideas. They can stir up feelings of awe, wonder, inspiration. They can make us jump out of our seats in surprise or terror. Stories hold powers greater than we may have imagined. Once upon a relatively recent time, the field … Continue reading The Neuroscience of story

Black Lives Matter

Many moons ago, my daughter’s ‘educator’ said to her “that robbers are mostly black people”, let’s call her Susan. I didn’t confront Susan about it, instead I went to her senior. Susan’s boss said “oh don’t worry about it, she’s probably a Sun reader”. And I left it, but hating myself for not pushing this. As this … Continue reading Black Lives Matter

About me

Hi friends, I thought I would re-introduce myself. I started my account sharing photos of my V.W. camper- Reggie and has since morphed into sharing Reggie, my dogs, my love for reading and writing.  His former owner gave Reggie his name, he’s 36 and has been with me now six years. I’m super introverted and expressing … Continue reading About me

The strangeness of looking at your own face all day on Zoom

Lockdown means many of us are spending longer than at any time in history with our reflections. From Shakespeare to Plath, can literature help us navigate this new era of the ego? When the anthropologist Edmund ‘Ted’ Carpenter showed the isolated Biami tribespeople of the Papuan plateau a mirror for the very first time, they … Continue reading The strangeness of looking at your own face all day on Zoom