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Sunday, January 23, 2022
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Argentina pet food leaders growing with premium products

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Two leading pet food companies in Argentina recently announced the expansion of their product range. Regardless of the epidemic and high inflation that the country is experiencing, local companies are increasing their shares in the domestic and foreign markets, which indicates that the region continues its strong development. Argentina is the largest pet food exporter in South America, with more than 120,000 metric tons exported in 2021.

Molino Chacabuco: Extending the Standard Brand to the Premium Level

Molino Chacabuco, one of the country’s 10 largest pet food manufacturers, has announced the expansion of its flagship Raza brand, adding snacks, treats and wet pet foods for both dogs and cats. Reda is a brand with over 25 years in the market and a nationwide presence. Recently, it has also appeared in other countries such as Chile, Bolivia, Paraguay, and Uruguay.

Raza’s new products claim to be highly innovative, using recyclable packaging and adding prebiotics, probiotics, dehydrated vegetables, and extra omega fats and proteins.

According to the company’s statement, the brand’s extension marks its penetration into the pet food product segment. This means that Raza now competes in all stages and occasions of pet consumption.

For product quality, Molinos Chacabuco adheres to national and international standards and regulatory processes, such as HACCP and ISO 9000, along with ISO 14000, which oversees best environmental management practices.

Baires SA launches new pet food brand

Baires SA is another market leader in Argentina and probably the largest exporter of pet food. The company has chosen to launch a new premium brand called Fawna: Patagonic Taste, a dry dog ​​and cat food product similar to the local flavors and recipes from Argentine Patagonia.

A key feature of Fawna is that it is high in protein and low in carbohydrates, which supports health and nutrition, as this combination helps reduce the possibility of long-term diseases related to diabetes, pancreatitis, and digestive and intestinal problems, according to the company.

The Fauna line also contains digestible essential amino acids derived from high-quality proteins like salmon and chicken, as well as prebiotics and probiotics that help increase beneficial flora, aid the growth of natural defenses, the immune system, and efficient nutrient absorption. Says.

With the launch of Fawna, the company says it has developed luxury packaging consisting of triple layer packaging that ensures proper product preservation. The package includes a one-way valve that allows air to escape without letting in any harmful external factors or moisture and a zip closure for added convenience and preservation. Fawna is available at vets and pet stores throughout Argentina.


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