Love by numbers

The past year I have found myself in a relationship with a much younger man, making me think about age gap relationships.
It’s the 21st century- it is reasonable to suggest that we can expect to have a long chunk of happy time together. However, as Hemingway said, all love ends badly. One partner is always going to die first or there will be some kind of heart ache- we can all understand odds tables.
The world will point out that we are a generation apart and even from different cultures; there will be profound differences emerging in everything from partner expectations (this is what we disagree mostly on) to dance moves. But having shared values and interests count for a lot, and many responsibilities are not generation-specific; such as handling bills, saving money, taking care of the family. So, with this in mind, we have as good a shot as everyone, right?
Loving and being loved deeply is beautiful and rare.
And I love him indubitably. Once you have tasted it, it’s hard to settle for anything else. It makes life bearable in good times and bad, not just for each other but for the people around us. Having that love makes us better people. Nothing else makes me feel psychologically safe or gives me the wherewithal to focus on all else that life demands.
Really, are there any more ‘practical’ decisions?
In all relationships, not just age gaps relationships, there will be a loss at some point. Losing a partner hurts. Grief, doesn’t eliminate other emotions; it runs alongside them, although it can sometimes overtake them.
But we can recover. Remember- we can’t measure one love versus another, because each love is complete unto itself.
So for now I am going to enjoy it and enjoy him.
If you pull your punches in life, that’s one thing.
If you don’t, being all in is the only way to live.

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