How are you all this week? This week has gone so fast again- I can’t even blame work as it is the holidays. My daughter fell off her bike this week- which resulted in a trip to A&E, three stitches later and a broken pinky. But what really made me in stitches of laughter, was slightly my concussed daughter who was telling the nurses she had survived a global pandemic before she had even had a bee sting.

We’ve enjoyed some picnics in Reggie and soaked up the beautiful views.

My boyfriend has been educating me about the Algerian civil war, I spent two years living in a country which is rich in history and it’s fascinating to learn about and teach my daughter about her heritage. 

I’ve been reading about the gingerbread charity, and how the CMS have mismanaged payments during COVID-19 leading to further hardship for single parent families.

It is a child’s legal right to be supported by both parents, and yet the service designed to protect this right is failing the children. Even before COVID-19, there were already £335 million in unpaid arrears and over 100,000 children across the country not receiving a penny in maintenance. Despite a vast array of enforcement powers, CMS have shown extreme negligence in actually using them, collected an amount worth less than 10% of what is actually owed. It simply cannot be right that a government service can continually leave children of single parents in poverty without being held accountable.

COVID-19 means this problem is getting worse by the day. CMS are running a skeleton service, meaning they are now as a rule not enforcing payment and are allowing paying parents to reduce or withdraw maintenance payment without any proper evidence. This has already resulted in more single parent families losing out on maintenance payment which quite simply, can be the difference between having food on the table or not.

Our children deserve better. You can sign the pledge to fix the CMS here.

What I’m reading- I haven’t done as much reading this week as I usually do but have started reading Dolly Alderton’s debut novel- Ghosts, which will be out in October. I have also read Penny Wincer’s book called Tender: The Imperfect Art Of Caring. It is estimated that there are 7 million people in the UK caring for loved ones. And yet these are the unpaid, unsung heroes whose number is rising all the time. Penny Wincer combines her own experiences as a carer with the experiences of others to offer real and transformative tools and insights.

Anyway, here are some things I have consumed this week.


Frankie xx

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