How are you doing?  I don’t know whether it’s the pandemic, but I am feeling a shift in how I embrace and show my own vulnerability. I feel naturally more open, and it feels like a stark contrast to how I was in my twenties. When I use to bat everyone off with a stick as my barrier was so high.  I love being vulnerable with my boyfriend and having that emotional exposure is powerful.  I have watched Brené Brown Netflix documentary- The call to courage 3x in lockdown, she is right: you are stepping into your truest power when you are ready to display your vulnerable side to the world.

It’s like one big exhale. I don’t pretend to be a certain way anymore, I don’t try to fit into a mould that someone wants to put me in, I’m happy to say tell me your opinion on that situation and to be less dogmatic with my beliefs. I am fluid, and I am allowed to educate myself and change my mind. I am not afraid to ask questions, not afraid to get it wrong. If this is what growing older feels like, then I am looking forward to more decades of vulnerability and acceptance. 

We have broken up from work, so the summer is ahead of us, it’s a huge relief to not worry about preparing work and delivering it from teams. It’s been a huge learning curve- but I am happy that I dived into learning about delivering lessons online. My confidence has improved, which meant I was able to give a more enriched learning experience. For the next few weeks I am going to actively switch off, sit back and just consume my surroundings.

I just thought I would share some links of what I have consumed this week-

I only really use Instagram as a social media platform but I love having a google of Ayishat Akanbi’s tweets. She really makes me think for myself, beyond just mindlessly following other people’s popular opinions, and I feel like we need more of that right now. You can follow her here.


Frankie xx

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