About me

Hi friends, I thought I would re-introduce myself. I started my account sharing photos of my V.W. camper- Reggie and has since morphed into sharing Reggie, my dogs, my love for reading and writing.  His former owner gave Reggie his name, he’s 36 and has been with me now six years.

I’m super introverted and expressing myself with writing is easier than expressing myself verbally (I’m a super awkward conversationalist), so I write quite a lot!

I live in Mid Wales with my daughter, boyfriend and puppies (they are 9&4 but they still my puppies). My daughter was born 9lb 13; I know right! She cried, peed, pooed as if to say I’m here, I can do everything you expect of me.  And that’s pretty much all she still does. She’s at the age where everything I do is super embarrassing to her, which encourages me. I tend to mum dance whenever I’m with her or if I’m playing taxi and driving her and her friends around I sing at the tip of voice.  My favourite is telling the story of when she did a massive poo in the middle of a beach, only for our dog to come running up with it in his mouth moments later. Being a mum is one of the greatest gifts that tethers me to this earth.  

My writing journey started about three years ago now- my Professor at Uni (he’s the guy off The Secret Life of 3-4-year-olds) advised us to set up an anonymous Tumblr account and nobody knowing who we were, would allow us to connect us to our words more. And that’s how it started- I do have to say I found it more liberating when we were anonymous.  I write to find answers to questions that I have, I love the process of researching, writing it and then reading.  Had I been blessed with having limited access to my own brain, there would have been no reason to write.  I write to find out what I’m thinking, what I see, what I want, and what my fears are and most importantly to remind myself of my blessings.  I wrote my first children’s book last year, and I was part of a successful anthropology.  My day job is, well I’ll say this I was interviewed by a local newspaper recently, and I asked a member of the management team what I can say. They told me to say I was an educator, so I am an educator, I bet you can’t guess what I ‘educate’ about!!!

I absolutely love my job, the team I work with (most of them) are super supportive.  I get to share my office with the educator who initially taught me, being around her who started my love for psychology is such a blessing.  And the ‘educatees’, I feel it is an honour to be part of their lives and watch them grow as mini-humans- they teach me about compassion and empathy, even more through these unprecedented times.  The only bad side about the grain of the 9-5 is that it stems the creative side, which is why sometimes you don’t see me for a while. 

I love to read; there have been times in my life when I couldn’t read.  The brain fog has been so intense I couldn’t pick out words from the paper.  So it is an absolute privilege to be about to read other peoples questions that they had or to read a story that was in another human’s psyche.  I mainly read non-fiction, as I love to learn knowledge at the same time. However, I do love old literature.  I’ll write another post about literature and psychology. 

I am recently into trauma-informed care practices, disability advocacy, and learning to challenge some of the more popular biomedical models. I own a tapas bar with my siblings- which is cool as I get to have a lot of free coffee.  I’m one of five, and I have a twin sister.  I can speak Arabic badly, and I am trying to improve my French by taking an online course, sadly my Welsh is bad. I have never read a Harry Potter book, but J.K. girl you killed it for us, single mums.

Some things I really like: coffee, dancing, lasagne, dogs, I really love dogs, having cwtches with my daughter, dogs, laughing until I snort, the smell of daffodils and rosewood and the sea, the mountains, campfires, camping out in Reggie, lying under the stars, bubble baths, yelling about politics, reading, kissing.

I’d love to know more about you.

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