Book review- The Body Keeps the Score

It use to really make me cringe when people spoke about mindfulness, and I was like noooo this is not psychology.  Psychology is a science based on empirical research, so when I went to a seminar by Bessel van der Kolk I was prejudging his message.  However, The Body Keeps the Score is so good, it talks about how we should treat a person holistically because trauma affects both body and brain. Dr. van der Kolk infuses empirical, innovative research to explain trauma in an authentic way.  He emphasizes the importance of getting back in touch with our emotions and our bodies after trauma, and he gives many practical ways to do so, like talk therapy and yoga, just to name a few.
He has a certain vulnerability when he writes which you don’t usually find in academics and models a message for all of us to live by- only by confronting and accepting the past can we learn to live in the present. He writes about the importance of de-stigmatising mental illness, and he relates the issue of trauma to several societal factors, like the lack of socioemotional education given to our kids. He talks with a great humility about his clients – because they have overcome such devastating hardship, and they have had the courage to share their stories with him.  I feel proud for him and for his patients.
A really informative book I would recommend to anyone interested in trauma, mental health, or science and is accessible for all.

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