Book Review- Depression in a digital age, Fiona Thomas

I started sharing my journey on Instagram around March time, when my anxiety was at a high after a lorry had driven into my car. I was fortunate enough to come across Fiona’s page who talks incredibly honestly about her mental health journey and her coping strategies to deal with the pressures from life. Now, Fiona has become a great source of advice for me on my own writing journey, using her tips and advice to build my own resilience. 
So, naturally when Fiona’s publishing team asked me to part of her blog tour I was delighted. Fiona starts her book with reminiscing her happy memories from her childhood. Then Fiona develops starts her journey with her mental health. Fiona has an honest and relatable tone throughout. I too put myself under enormous amounts of pressure, which affects my own well-being. Fiona has a magic touch in encapsulating how depression can affect us. She describes how her life changed from a senior manager role to unemployment, finding jobs that she wasn’t really in to, then how she started her writing journey.
Re-counting her journey into blogging and watch her numbers climb day by day. She describes how social media can enrich our lives and benefit so many, as people can connect to other who may have similar experiences to you, but also the negative side of social media how it can act as a source of validation through likes and retweets. 
Social media and sharing platforms are wrongly blamed for mental health issues in people when the real culprit is austerity. Depression in a digital age talks about the highs and lows of social media, and acts as a reminder that we should learn to control our online space and not let it control us. 
Fiona’s story demonstrates how significant an illness depression is and how it can be life changing to so many. I personally found it extremely emotional and I am so happy how Fiona has reached for the stars and is fulfilling her dreams and potential. 
I am so proud of her and this book acts as a reminder to all us, how we are so much more than our mental health. 
She truly is an inspiration.

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